Executive Committee

The Executive Committee for the CPF does not just exist. They are selected by members of the community. These are individuals that the community put their trust into to lead by example, serve the community with honor and integrity, and to form strong bonds with the SAPS and Security Companies to put effective strategies in place to combat crime and rid our area of crime.

Also note, that serving on the committee of the CPF is voluntary.  None of the executive members, ad-hoc members or any of the CPF patrollers and other members get compensated in any way or manner for the effort they put in with ensuring that the CPF is effective.


Ockert Kruger

The Chairperson must ensure that the Management Committee functions properly, that there is full participation during meetings that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.

The role of a Chairperson is time consuming, with work between meetings, external representation of the organization.

Apart from serving on the CPF sub-forum for Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds, the Chairperson also sits on the Centurion Executive CPF committee.

Deputy Chairperson

Lance Ferreira-Netto

The role of the Vice Chairperson is to assist the Chairperson in the running of the CPF, as well as to stand-in for the Chairperson when he/she is not available.

The role of the Deputy Chairperson is also quite similar to that of the Chairperson and is quite a time consuming function.


Pieter Bosman

The primary responsibilities are to oversee the management of and reporting of the CPF's finances.

Monitoring of receipts and payments against budgets, filing financial reports, bank recons and any other documentation that may be required by audit to verify the financial position of the CPF.


Zelda Bornman

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that meetings are effectively organised and minuted.  To maintain effective records and administration.  To uphold the legal requirements of governing documents, regulations and mandate.  To ensure effective communication and correspondence for the CPF.


Gerhard Wessels

Responsible for advertising and marketing of the CPF in the area. CPF's cost money to operate and do not receive any government or other funding.

Fund raisers are held through which the CPF generates finances to pay for water and electricity, buildings, equipment etc.

Additional functions of the marketing position include the design and print of marketing material, flyers etc.  The marketing position is also responsible for placement of advertisements pertaining to community meetings etc.

Public Relations Officer

Mynhardt Le Roux

The PRO is responsible for talking to the media and press releases, as well as dealing with inquiries from the public, the press and related organisations.

The PRO also assists the marketing position in planning publicity strategies and campaigns, as well as writing and producing presentations.  

The PRO also assists with organizing promotional events such as open days, exhibitions etc.


Estelle Botes

This role is responsible for running the CPF youth program to educate the youth about crime that is applicable to them.  Also to assist in getting the youth involved in their communities to make a difference.

A very important role, as we all know, the youth is our future.

Deputy Secretary

Trizel Bodenstein

Very similar to that of the Secretary and fulfills all the Secretary's functions in their absences.


Jan Ferreira-Netto

The Logistics function is quite important as the person serving in this position is responsible for all the equipment, assets and gear for the CPF.

This individual is also responsible for ensuring the equipment is kept in a good working order, and serviced regularly as needed.

Our Area & Boundaries

The area covered by the Wierdabrug Sector 2 Community Policing Form (Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds) consist of:

The Reeds
Gateway Business Park

Please note that Thatchfield, and the estates between Samrand and Blu Valley mall do not form part of the area.

Thatchfield fall under Olievenhoutbosch SAPS and CPF. 

Powerful and effective Partnerships

Without these powerful, effective and reliable partnerships below, the fight against crime in our area would be a losing battle...


Over the years a strong relationship has been built with SAPS Wierdabrug, based on trust and cooperation.

The current SAPS Sector Manager for our CPF is Warrant Officer Pauls.

Monitor Net

A partnership and relationship forged over a period of more than 10 years. Many a successful arrest have been made through cooperation between Monitor Net and the CPF.

Monitor Net currently serves the area with three dedicated vehicles.


One of the newer relationships but the more the merrier. Thank you for being willing to come into the fold and help communities in the fight against crime.

Scorpion Risk

Another young and new partnership and relationship and we are looking forward to seeing it grow.

EMS Services

We felt they should be mentioned separate from the companies they have partnerships with.

Critical Life Assist
Netcare 911