What is the CPF?

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The South African Police Service Act 68 of 1995, “provides for the establishment of CPFs in respect of police stations”. The main aim of the CPFs is to promote the accountability of the SAPS to local communities, to encourage cooperation with the SAPS, and to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the SAPS. 


The above principles were legislated in the 1995 South African Police Service

Act. Under this Act, CPFs should:


• Establish and maintain a partnership between the community and the SAPS within which they are located;

• Promote communication between the SAPS and the community;

• Promote cooperation between the SAPS and the community towards fulfilling the needs of the community regarding policing;

• Improve the rendering of policing service services to the community at national, provincial and local government spheres;

• Improve the transparency of SAPS, and its accountability to the community; and

• Promote joined problem-identification and problem solving by SAPS and the community


Furthermore the CPF conducts patrols in order to be the “eyes and ears” of SAPS. All CPF patrollers need to be registered as patrollers with the Department of Community Safety. This is to ensure that unwanted elements do not enter the organisation. 


The CPF patrollers also conduct visibility and other operations with SAPS, Security Companies and other stakeholders on a regular basis in order to address specific crime hotspots. 


CPF Patrollers are also trained with regards to specific elements. Most of this training is presented by SAPS. 


It is important to note that SAPS emphasises that they will only cooperate with crime prevention organisations that ARE AFFILIATED WITH THE CPF.  


As CPF members we are accountable to SAPS and the CPF for all our actions.


What does it cost?

Its free to belong to the CPF, there are sometimes admin fees related to radios but there are not suppose to be any membership fees.


How do I get involved?

If you know in which CPF Sector you stay, make contact with the Chairperson and enquire regarding registering as a member. We can assist here with that information. 

If you don’t know which sector you stay in, ask us her by stating the area and street name you stay in. 


How will I know what’s going on in my area regarding crime?

Each CPF Sector are using some form of communication this includes radios, Whatsapp, Zello, etc. 


“Do you guys get paid?”

No. As stated in our Code of Conduct:

Members of the CPF and associated structures may not exploit their membership with the CPF for their personal advantage, personal gain, personal betterment and/or personal benefit or accept any payment, commission or commission in connection with his/her membership.





The information contained within this Article has been received directly from the SAPS and has been published as such.  For any queries, please contact us via our Facebook page, Email or 24 Hour contact number.