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2017/01/23 - Compost Gang is Back

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The compost gang is back in the Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds area and have already collected their next victims.  They operate by being very pushy in supplying compost to your garden without first fixing a price and then asking rediculous charges for the compost they've put on your lawn.  In some cases they also make you pay for empty bags that they say were used but were lying between the full bags of compost.



Compost Gang


Over the weekend they have caught another family unawares and the statement received from the family and that was posted and doing the rounds on social media is as follows:


"Morning Everyone, my husband got caught by three Indian men in a white bakkie claiming to sell compost in Rooihuiskraal. They waited for me to open the gate as I returned from the shops and entered our premises. They came in and just start throwing compost all over the place and ignored when my husband repeatedly asked how much it will cost. One of the guys kept saying they will talk now and carried on. They claimed that they emptied 200 bags on a lawn of 3m x 10m and then demanded R8 500.00 from us. My husband told them its outrageous and they refused to leave our premises. After a huge fight they follwed my husband to a nearby atm where they left with a R1 000.00 They indicated that they will return for the rest of the money. After some searching on the internet I saw that its an old scam "Compost Scam" or "Compost Gang" which has obviously started again. Please be alert, I got the fright of my life and am still terrified that they will return for the rest of the money!!"
PLEASE DON'T ALLOW THESE ARROGANT SCAMSTERS EVEN ON YOUR PROPERTY!! Also inform your neighbors to help make our community aware about this and to NOT allow them any business here!? Thanks⁠⁠⁠⁠


First of all, nobody has any business on your property, or is allowed to enter your property without your permission.  This is tresspassing.  In the event where compost sellers or anybody then tresspasses on your property without your approval, please contact your security company, the CPF and SAPS immidiately to assist.


Only do business with reputable companies that you know.  It is the safest.  The only way we can get rid of them in our area is to deny them business opportunities.  If they are harrassing you by screaming and shouting at you over your wall or fence after you've said "NO", please contact your security company, CPF or SAPS for assistance.

Never allow work to be done unless you have upfront agreed upon a price, and in this case as well, a specific number of bags to be used.  You are placing yourself in a very difficult situation if you allow work of any kind to be done without agreeing on a rate beforehand.


If you see the compost gang, are being harassed by them, or they try to or do gain access to your property without your permission, please contact your security company, CPF and SAPS immediately for assistance.  You do not have to stand alone in this situation and scenario.  Deny them work in our area, and they will eventually not come back.


What does the law say?

If they have legal papers and permits to deal in compost, there is nothing really that can be done against them.  The roads they use to try and get work is publics roads and nobody can deny them or prohibit them the use of these roads.  Therefor, from your security company, CPF and SAPS stand point, there is nothing that can be done if they are opoerating with the correct legal papers.


However, if you deny them work, they eventually stay away.  Entering your property without your consent is tresspassing.  For this they can be charged and arrested, permitting you are willing to lay a charge, open the docket with the SAPS and go to court.


Be safe out there and contact your local security company, CPF or SAPS before you sit with the problem.  Trying to do something after the fact becomes a civil matter in which your security company and the CPF cannot become involved.