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Rhk/Reeds CPF Assists the Community Again - 2017/01/19

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On Thursday, 19 January 2017, around 18:00 the evening the Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds Community Police Forum received information from the community about a large branch of a tree that broke off and was lying across the road in Roux Street, The Reeds, blocking traffic and being a risk of accident after dark.


Tree in Road - Roux Street


Community Police Forum and community members on the group where the problem was raised responded immediately to see how they could assist.  The tree branch was removed from the road to prevent the blocking of the traffic and potential danger it posed with relation to a vehicle accidentally driving into it after dark as the street light was also damaged when the branch broke off and fell.


Tree Removed - Roux Street


The damaged street light has been reported to Tshwane for repair, as well as the tree branch to be removed.  Thank you to the community for notifying the CPF and trusting and allowing the CPF to assist where we can.  And thank you to the community members that in situations like this that are also willing to come out and give the CPF members a hand.  It is greatly appreciated.


Damaged Lamp Post - Roux Street Branch That Broke Off Broken Lamp - Roux Street Tree Removed and Work Horses