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Feedback from CPF Cluster Chairperson - Meeting 16 Jan 2017

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All Members of the CPF in Wierdabrug (as well as the Tshwane West Cluster),




Meeting FeedbackA meeting was held on 16 January 2017 between the SAPS (the Tshwane West Cluster Commander - Maj Gen Mthombeni and the Station Cmdr Col Makama), the Chair WB CPF Mr Braam Rossouw (who happens to be the Cluster Chairperson), and members of the CCC under the leadership of Mr Hannes du Buisson - who sees himself as the "founder" of the organisation.


The meeting took place following a request made by the CCC to the SC Wierdabrug and later to the CPF Chair for the CCC to affiliate with the CPF WB - where they stated that they would conform to the Law and all CPF procedures and its Code of Conduct. On an assumption voiced by the CPF Chair at the meetings that the members of the CCC would now all become CPF members, carry CPF identification, wear CPF jackets and vehicle magnets, join the CPF Patrols and work through the CPF Communication Platforms and Call Centre, Mr du Buisson unfortunately stated that they would not relinguish their "identity" and and structures - but merely wanted a seat on the CPF Exective Meeting.


The CPF Chairperson of the CPF hereafter categorically stated that whilst the CCC willingness to work with the CPF towards improving the Safety and Security of all residents in the area is welcomed two organization's aimed at achieving the same Safety and Security goal in the same area with independent structures and procedures could never work. It was also categorically stated that the CPF is the only community based organization that is established in terms of the law and that the CPF is mandated to liaise between the Community and the SAPS. The legality of the CCC was not debated at the meeting and claims by the CCC that the CPF and the the SAPS acknowledged the legality of the organisation is totally unfounded and is a manipulation towards trying to legalize their existance and actions.


The CCC also report that the organisation was thanked for the their good work by the senior members of the SAPS and the Cluster CPF Chair. Such appreciation was not mentioned during the meeting and once again it would seem as if the CCC manipulated their report so as to try to legitimise their actions and accredit the organisation.


In summary the CPF reacted positively to the the request of the CCC to affiliate with the CPF and work together with the CPF towards improving the safety and security in the area. Following the CCC refusal to fully integrate with the CPF the CPF Chairperson categorically stated (at both meetings held) that without common ground towards full integration of  members into the CPF progress towards working together would not be possible. It was also suggested that a working session should be scheduled where both parties could search for common ground - but that there would be no cooperation until a solution was found.


The CCC also mentioned perceived victimization and discreditation of the organization by members of the community (and the SAPS) but the CPF clearly stated that that was not a CPF matter and that it would not be discussed at the meeting.


Following the recent statements made by the CCC it would seem as if there was no serious intention to affiliate, integrate or cooperate with the CPF - but rather just an effort to gain some form of accreditation and legal status. Whilst the CPF approached a possible integration in good faith and in the best interest of the Community the recent statements by the CCC have reduced the chances of successful cooperation to a minimum. 


I urge the members of the CPF not to be side tracked and influenced by rumours and manipulation and to just carry on doing what we know is right.




Braam Rossouw