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Rooihuiskraal Road Flooding - 20170107

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On 07 January 2017 members of the Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds Community Police Forum and the SAPS investigated flooding that was reported of Rooihuiskraal road between Panorama and Uitsig roads in Centurion.


Various members worked throughout the day and this is not the only members that were present...


Various vehicles obtained damage due to the extensive flooding in the road and large pothole that was forming under the water which could not be seen.  The decision was then made to close the section of Rooihuiskraal road between Uitsig and Panorama to prevent unnecessary damage to vehicles and try and do something about the problem and find a resolution.


Some members of the CPF and SAPS were performed traffic control to ensure that traffic was flowing properly and create high visibility to ensure that vehicles were not damaged and that CPF and SAPS members that were working on the problem were not at risk of being hit by motor vehicles.  Other members took shovels and started digging trenches to redirect water so it could flow away and clear up the flooding and create visibility of the problem with the pothole under the water.



It was hard work in the wet and cold rainy weather, but our dedicated CPF and SAPS members persevered and eventually it was possible to open the road again.  The problem with the flooding and pothole were also escalated to the ward Councillor to try and find a more effective solution.


On the evening of the 7th of January 2017 a TLB arranged by the ward Counselor and Tshwane Municipal Services arrived to create a better water drainage solution.  Still members of the CPF and SAPS were assisting to regulated traffic and help where possible and needed.  Everybody were working hard together to create a better and safer driving experience in the wet conditions for our road users.  Time that could have been spent at home with their families and tending to other chores or activities.  Remember, these CPF and SAPS members do not get ANY remuneration for what they are doing and are doing it out of love and passion for serving the community and making a difference.


Well done to everyone involved!!  I'm sure the residents of the Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds community is proud of you and thank you from the bottom of their hearts (as well as for the other road users utilizing this stretch of road in Centurion).


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