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Rhk/Reeds CPF Removes Fallen Tree Blocking Road - 20170104

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At 14:08 on 04 January 2017, the Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds CPF were notified by Monitor Net H02 about a fallen tree lying across the road in Prinia street and blocking the whole road. 




CPF members responded to assist as this is causing a danger for motorists, especially at night.  Someone might accidentally drive into the tree.  With a passion to assist the community wherever the CPF can, the tree was quickly removed and the road unblocked for traffic to flow.



A great thank you to our Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds CPF members that is always willing to assist, wherever, whenever with whatever when they are able to.  It is great to see people standing together like this in the community to not just make the area safer for the community, but also to assist with things that makes our communities lives easier.


Thank you Monitor Net for the close working relationship with the CPF in Rooihuiskraal/The Reeds that help make assisting the community in this way possible.


Job well done guys and ladies!!!