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Chlorine Bombs on New Years Morning - 2017

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On 01 January 2017, at around 01:00 the Rooihuiskraal / The Reeds CPF were made aware by Centurion Crime Stops Crime Combat group of a post on Facebook by a resident of our Community about chlorine bombs that were thrown into their property.  CPF members and Monitor Net dispatched to the address to investigate.



One of the chlorine bombs did not yet explode and were thrown back over the wall by the residents due to concerns about safety for their pets.  CPF members then disabled the 2nd chlorine bomb to prevent it from exploding to prevent possible accidental injury to others as it was lying in the veldt next to Rooihuiskraal road where people often walk.


As if fireworks are not enough, someone is now suspected of driving around throwing chlorine bombs into peoples properties.  Another chlorine bomb was found at another property in the area.  It is suspected to be youngsters that drove around and did this.  According to Wikipedia:



Such a device is a more toxic and acidic alternative to a dry ice bomb, but likewise typically made by young people for amusement and recreational use rather than with any intent to harm.[1] However, exposure to chlorinous gases and the reactive substances involved can cause respiratory problems from inhalation and also cause injury to other mucous membranes, similar to tear gas. Most injuries relating to these devices involve bruised hands, blinding and other eye injuries.


When you spot someone doing this, please contact the CPF using the CPF 24 Hour Emergency number or call it in on our Zello channel so that the CPF can report it and inform the right people to deal with the situation.  Alternatively, contact SAPS on 10111 to report it.


Have a wonderful New Years Day!!



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