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Taking the fight against crime back to the criminals

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In October 2016 Wierdabridge Police Station started a new initiative.  The Crime Prevention Unit.  This is a specialized unit within the station that work on preventing crime, as well as crime in progress, putting more feet on the ground, allowing the complaint vehicles to do what they do and members of the public to experience shorter turnaround times when assistance is needed.


This specialized unit consists of highly trained individuals and is led by Sergeant Michelle Crewe from Wierdabridge Police Station.  The unit also works very closely together with the Wierdabridge SAPS Sector Managers as they have the combined knowledge from within the SAPS, as well as from the CPF's about the crime trends and latest incidents in the Wierdabridge area.  Not all victims of crime related activity reports it to the SAPS, but most of it is reported to the CPF's, or the CPF's are aware of it.  Essentially, this means that the Sector Managers actually basically form part and is part of the CPU.


During the period from inception in October 2016 to date, several operations have been held by the Crime Prevention Unit (CPU) in which Security Companies and CPF’s (Community Police Forums) participated on invitation from SAPS.


These operations led to many successes, including some high level successes in taking criminals off our streets and putting them behind bars.  This ranges from house break-in, hijackings, armed robberies and drug related crime.


The unit works like a well-oiled machine.  

The working relationship between them the Security Companies and CPF’s has also proven extremely effective in tackling the crime problem.


It all started in October 2016 after inception of the unit with Operation Crewe, planned and managed by Sergeant Crewe from the Wierdabridge SAPS Crime Prevention Unit.  SAPS, TMPD, Security Companies and CPF’s joined together with one goal… making Centurion a safer place and preventing crime!  During this operation armed robbers were arrested, as well as drug dealers taken off the streets in Centurion.


In another instance in October 2016, with cooperation between SAPS CPU, Security Companies and CPF, three persons were detained and later arrested for open cases of house breaking, attempted murder and murder.  During this instance also, crime was prevented as they were busy scouting their next target.


Yet another instance and operation in October 2016 between SAPS CPU, Security Companies and CPF’s have led to the arrest of three suspects that were involved in house robbery after a high-speed chase.  At the time of the arrest, the suspects had the stolen items with them in the vehicle.


In November 2016, one suspect was arrested after a high-speed chase ended in the suspect crashing the vehicle.  Shots were fired by the suspects.  House breaking equipment were found in the vehicle and the suspect were charged with possession of house breaking equipment.  Yet another instance in which the inception of the CPU and the close relationship between CPF, Security Company and SAPS here prevented another crime from taking place.


Also a number of hijacked and stolen vehicles were recovered by the CPU and Security Companies during the period from inception in October 2016 to date.  Several other arrests have also been made.  Unfortunately, in most cases we cannot share the information as the cases are still under investigation and still need to go to court.


All we can say is, it is a great initiative by Wierdabridge SAPS and the value and effectiveness of this initiative have already been shown.  We are looking forward to the successes that the unit will bring in 2017, along with the great working relationship and partnership they have with the various Security Companies and CPF’s in Centurion.