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Criminals Attempting to Break In Arrested - 2017/06/16

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In the early hours on the morning of Friday, 16 June 2017 (Youth Day), two suspects were arrested.


Suspects Arrested


Monitor NetWhile on patrol in The Reeds, an armed response office from Monitor Net picked up four suspects busy lifting the gate of a property.  The armed response officer called for assistance from the CPF and other Security Companies as there were quite a few suspects.  One of the suspects were arrested on the property by the armed reaction officer from Monitor Net.  The other suspects ran and started jumping walls.

CopwatchAnother suspect were then arrested by an armed response officer from Copwatch armed response.  Unfortunately, the other two suspects got away.  The quick response from CPF members from the Rooihuiskraal and The Reeds Community Police Forum allowed for the area to effectively be closed off, which in turn again allowed the quick responding security companies (Monitor Net and Copwatch) to do what they do best, search and apprehend the suspects.

Great teamwork by all made this possible.  Team work, training and getting information out effectively, correctly and as quickly as possible is what makes successes like this possible.

A huge thank you to all involved!!  And a huge thank you to the CPF members that offer up their free time, without compensation to make their areas safer to live in, and for the security companies for the bond and great working relationship with the CPF.  Without your assistance, all we do would not be possible.

Also a huge thank you to the SAPS members that are always available to assist and so diligently perform your duties and putting your lives on the line every day.



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