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Wierdabridge Combined Ops - 20170105

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On 05 Januray 2017 a joint crime prevention operation were held by Wierdabridge SAPS consisting of the following units and organizations:

  • SAPS
  • SAPS Crime Prevention Unit
  • SAPS Sector Commanders
  • Tshwane Metro Police
  • Security Companies
  • Wierdabrug Sector 1, 2 and 3 CPF's
  • EMS Services
  • Immigration Services



The operation was a huge success with the outcome being 77 arrests of which a large portion of suspects arrested are currently linked with previous crimes and criminal activity.  The different units and organiations worked together as one man and repeatedly stronger relationships between all the different parties are built.  All members participating in the operation have one passion and one goal.  To rid our community of crime and make it a safer place to live for us and our families.

Also worth a mention is the amount of paperwork these officers have to deal with for each of the arrests.  When participating in operations like these, one get a huge appreciation for our dedicated police officers, security company personnel, ems services and community police forums for the hard work, long hours and effort they put in.  One also again realises that being a police officer is very hard work, dangerous work and very unapreciated line of work.

We just want to thank everyone that participated in today's operation allowing it to be the huge success it was.  

Thank you to our SAPS members for being dedicated, putting your lives on the line and going out each day to server the community even though you are largely being disrespected and not appreciated.  

Thank you to the security company personnel for your dedication, hard work and willingness to make a difference in the community to combat crime proactively and not just reactively.  

Thank you to our EMS services personnel always being there to help in the blink of an eye, no matter how gruesome or bad the scenes are that you have to deal with and see.  

Lastly, thank you to our community police forum personnel and patrollers that offer up so much of your free time with your families, to go out into the community to make a difference.  Often not seen, overlooked and not appreciated as well.


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