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Christmas Day Success - 6 Arrested - 25 Dec 2016

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Christmas day was just a normal working day for many CPF members in the Rooihuiskraal and The Reeds area (Wierdabridge Sector 2).  It however, was a busy day full of success for our members and our community.  It started early on Christmas morning.  It started off with a Business robbery and the following information is shared from Orange Fox security and CPF members that were on scene...


Three suspects were detained due to good teamwork by CPF members, Security companies and TMPD (Tshwane Metro Police ) members.

Suspects broke into a business premises in Centurion area. The alarm sounded and the security company (Monitornet) responded and detained 1 suspect. Three more suspects started jumping walls into other estates where our guards made alarm and vehicles responded along with CPF members and TMPD. Two more suspects were detained. Business breaking tools were recovered as well. Thank you to TMPD (Tswhane Metro Police), Wierdabrug Sector 2 and 3 CPF, Lyttelton Sector 1/5 CPF, Copwatch and Monitornet Security for the good teamwork.



Another three suspects detained and taken into custody by SAPS - Lunch Time Success

Around lunch-time, community members spotted three suspects walking with a door of a house, that they suspected were stolen from a residence in the area.  They reported it to the CPF and within seconds Monitor Net and then the first CPF members stood off on scene.  After investigation it was found the door was taken from a property in The Reeds, without the home owners consent.  Wierdabridge SAPS were quick to arrive on scene after the suspects admitted to trespassing, theft of the door and being in possession of the stolen property.  SAPS opened the docket on scene and arrested the three suspects after which they were taken away to Wierdabridge Police Station.


This brings us to a total of 6 suspects that were arrested during the course of the day for criminal activity.  Well done to all involved.  Great teamwork, allows for great success!!